Bracknell Ale Festival beer list: 14. Jack Black – Red Squirrel Brewery

Beer 14, and our third and final installment on Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival 2014 ‘Triple Tuesday’ is a fine black IPA known as Jack Black, from Red Squirrel Brewery.

The Roebuck Binfield sponsors Jack Black
The Roebuck Binfield sponsors Jack Black

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Ever since Windsor & Eton Brewery visited us in February with their superb Conquerer, we knew we wanted a Black IPA at the festival, but we already had three barrels of ale from our good mates Will and Paddy – one being Guardsman.

The ‘Meet the Brewer’ event was the first time we’d tried a black IPA, which is brewed strong as an IPA should be, but using dark malts and hoppy flavours, not what you might expect from a beer that looks like it should be a stout.

An internet search led us to Jack Black from Red Squirrel Brewery in Hertfordshire as our preferred candidate to fill the debut Black IPA category, and we’re delighted to welcome Red Squirrel Brewery to our humble abode for the first time. Here’s what Red Squirrel Brewery says about Jack Black IPA:

New Season Block-buster, dark colour of porter, but with lemon and orange notes, showing hints of coffee and bitter chocolate – delicious!!

Jack Black has a 3.57 star rating on

Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival 2014 takes place on Sunday 25th May 2014 at Bracknell Town Football Club from 1pm. Tickets are on sale priced £5 for adults, with FREE entry to CAMRA and football club members. Buy tickets here.