Barrel Aged beers exclusive to Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival

Cheers to this! Our friends at Datchet Beer Festival have kindly loaned us their three wooden barrels and are filling them with something delicious as we speak.

That means we’ll have three Barrel Aged beers served direct from the barrel on Sunday 28th May at Bracknell Rugby Club.

The Datchet team will be on hand to serve these to you and we’re very excited to see what beers they’ve chosen to ‘age’.

We can tell you at least one of the barrels is currently with Ascot Brewing Co – the team behind some of the amazing Disruption Is Brewing beers as well as Gold Cup, Anastasia’s Stout and plenty more you’ll be familiar with.

Why you should be excited about Bracknell’s Barrel Aged beers

Datchet Beer Festival have three wooden firkins made out of old Chivas Whisky barrels by Master Cooper Alistair Simms. The barrels are delivered to breweries chosen to be filled at least four to six weeks before and will be racked them on handmade wooden cradles, vented and tapped ready for the festival.

Why are barrel aged beers so good though? Well, used regularly, the beers inside the barrels absorb various compounds in the wood and take something from each previous occupant of the barrel. There’s a bit more on the process here, BUT we are absolutely certain you will love what we’ll have on the day.

Visit our friends at Datchet Beer Festival here and make sure you give them a follow on all the social.