Binghams Brewery is Ruscombe’s not so little secret

Binghams Brewery Space Hoppy. Photo from

Here’s our third look at the Berkshire Breweries that we hope will be available at Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival 2016. The series continues with Ruscombe based Binghams Brewery.

You’ll be able to see all of our brewery focus’s here as we publish them. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the beer list as well to find out which beers will be available this year!

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Where is it?

The brewery is based in an industrial unit at Tavistock Estate on Ruscombe Business Park, sandwiched between Twyford and Ruscombe on the B3024.

That’s RG10 9NJ for you postcode fans.

A little history

Binghams Brewery logo
Binghams Brewery logo

Binghams is a brewery born out of redundancy, a lifelong hobby and a job at Hogs Back Brewery in Tongham.

Chris Bingham is the proprietor of the 10 barrel plant setup in 2010 and they brew everything from the excellent Twyford Tipple (3.7%) to the 5% Hot Dog Chilli Stout (editors tip: Don’t drink with dry lips!)

Popular beers

A quick browse of untappd and ratebeer shows the following Binghams Brewery beers to be the most popular according to you, the general public – data correct at the time of publication.

Untappd top 3 – according to the ‘most popular’ menu:

  1. Space Hoppy IPA (5%)
  2. Vanilla Stout (5%)
  3. Twyford Tipple (3.7%)

RateBeer top 3

  1. Vanilla Stout (5%)
  2. Coffee Stout (5%)
  3. Doodle Stout (%)

Personal recommendation: You can see from the top 3s that Binghams are renowned for their stouts. You can’t go far wrong with the original Doodle Stout but my personal favourite was a short lived brew called Smiled – a smoked mild (ah now I get it) that went down an absolute treat. Woodsmoke Porter was very similar according to my recollections.

Did you know?

This excerpt is courtesy of “Chris has done all kinds of crazy experimental things, from naming a brew (Doodle Stout) after his dog who’s a labradoodle called “Stout”, to brewing a beer with chilli!”

Chris Bingham (left). Photo borrowed from BeerYeti.

Maybe not so much a ‘did you know’ as much as a ‘you should try’, but the Binghams Brewery tour is certainly one of the more in depth and interesting tours you can go on locally. It helps that they ply you with tasters of the different beers as you go round – not something that happens everywhere.

Important links

Here’s the links you’ll need to get involved with Binghams Brewery. The website is and they are on facebook here and twitter here.

* * *

Binghams Brewery beers will be at Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival 2016, keep an eye on the beer list page to find out which one’s are selected. If this has all wetted your appetite, tickets for the event are on sale now right here.