Ascot Sports Bar Acoustic Music Stage

The Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival welcomes back the Ascot Sports Bar Acoustic Stage – the second area of live music that will be run by the supremely talented and festival regular Abi Powell.

Abi runs a number of open mic nights across the town and we’re delighted she’s able to come along and set up for the day.

The 2024 Acoustic Stage line-up

12:45pm – 13:30pm: ACOUSTIC STAGE. Keanne

14:15pm – 15:00pm: ACOUSTIC STAGE. Mayor of Dorkshire

15:45pm-16:30pm: ACOUSTIC STAGE. Abi Powell

17:15pm-18:00pm: ACOUSTIC STAGE. Aces

19:00-19:45pm: ACOUSTIC STAGE: Siobhan DeValle

20:45pm-21:30pm: ACOUSTIC STAGE: Scampy

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