Hitchcox Cider (Orchard Cottage Cider)

Here at Hitchcox Cider Company we make  Cider in a very traditional way. We have a 1971 cloth press to extract the apple juice in our old barn on our Oxfordshire farm.

One of our main beliefs for making cider is to keep it real, so we never add anything artificial. For sweetening we only use real sugar, which we know makes a huge difference to the taste of our unique ciders. We make a wide range of ciders from traditional, using only cider apples, to fruit ciders that are a blend of desert and culinary apples infused with real fruit, such as plums, blackcurrants, blackberries, elderberries, raspberries and damsons.

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Orchard Cottage, Warpsgrove, ,
OX44 7RW