Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival: What is it?

I’ve had a few people ask me over the last few days what the ale and wine festival is, and quite rightly, ‘what do I get for my money’.

Hopefully I can clear a little bit of that up here.

The Ale & Wine Festival is a social occassion, we want to bring people together and raise awareness of the club in Bracknell Town. We are not trying to make any money, though if we do I won’t complain but I have budgeted to break even.

When you get to the club, you will either pay your entry at the gate of show your ticket if you bought it in advance.

We will then provide you with a festival guide detailing the 14 beers on offer and some information about the wine, a glass and a token for a free half pint so you can try your first Ale on us.

Unfortunately we cannot exchange it for wine as that is not ours to give away. But do pop over and see Lynda from theWinePlace as she is a wine expert, and very lovely!

We’ll have seated areas in the bar and outdoors for you to sit and chat and enjoy. We’ve hired a marquee as well in case it rains. I’ve setup a playlist to play out over the speakers during the afternoon and we hope to have someone playing live during the day.

As I say it is a social occasion, enjoy the beer, the wine and some good company. The main bar will also be open in case you fancy a lager!

We’ve decided to operate the ale sales on a token system, which can be bought at the bar and exchanged at the Ale table for a pint (£2.50) or half (£1.50) of your choice.

Around 7pm we will open the Function Room, well local promoters and members Phil Daniels and Adrian Holden have an evening of live music planned. There is no extra cost for entry.

I hope that clears a few things up!

Myself and ‘Keeno’ really hope you come and join us. I think it is going to be a brilliant day!