Bracknell Ale Festival: Open Mic Night Singers, can you save us from this?

Bracknell Town Football Club are looking for some additional open mic acts to feature at the Bracknell Town FC Ale & Wine Festival 2011.

We already have a couple of acts confirmed to perform but would like to open the floor to anyone who might be interested in performing!

We can offer by way of payment a couple of beers and a burger!

Drop an email to if you are interested.

The very least you can do is save us from having to hire club fixture secretary Darrell ‘Meatloaf’ Freeland who sent us this email:

Hello Tom,

My name is Darrell Freeland and I am a Meatloaf tribute act.

You can find more information at my website:

I have the complete Meatloaf costume and can perform all of the popular hits such as “Bat Out Of Hell”, “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”, and “I’d Do Anything For Love”.

Normally I am hired by the rich and famous such as Elton John, the Beckham’s and Sheikh Mohammad for vast sums of money.

I usually insist on Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water served at exactly 4 degrees as well as bowls on Skittles with the yellow ones removed in my changing room.

However, I am free this weekend due to a last minute cancellation and as I am local, I will be delighted to come along and offer my services for just a couple of beers and a burger…… well I do need to keep my Meatloaf figure intact !

I also have my own disco / pa equipment which can be used as well as a vast catalogue of music.

What time shall I be at the football club for?


Darrell “Bat Out OF Hell” Freeland.

Darrell’s famous ‘Poker Face’ Karaoke song is on you tube here: