Bracknell Ale Festival beer list: 1. Soundwave – Siren Craft Brew

The first beer on our 2014 Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival beer list countdown is our champion beer from last year, Soundwave produced over in Finchampstead by Siren Craft Brew.

Soundwave at Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival is sponsored by Qwerty Ltd
Soundwave at Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival is sponsored by Qwerty Ltd

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Soundwave was voted by our judges as the best beer at the festival in 2013 and sold out in double quick time.

The Finch brewery had only been open a matter of months but has since gone from strength to strength with a wide variety of collaborative and inventive beers rolling off the production line, and the Bracknell Ale Festival team attended a ‘meet the brewer’ takeover type event at the Nags Head in Reading where the breweries full range was made available.

The Siren Craft Brew website says:

A 5.6% west coast IPA: golden, immensely hoppy and alive with grapefruit, peach and mango flavours.

Soundwave carries her drinker to the west coast, to the golden shores of California where craft ale is nectar. She is the driest of Siren’s ales – full with flavour but subtle with bitterness.

Her resinous finish will pull you off balance.

You can watch a video from Siren Craft Brew on their website here.

Soundwave is the first of two Siren Craft Brew ales that will be available at Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival 2014.

Soundwave has a 97% rating on

Per Steinar at The Evening Brews blog said on the launch of Soundwave at the Craft Beer Co. in Clerkenwell:

A bright and uncommonly dry little tipple. It was sunny and fresh, but maybe a bit on the thin side. I can imagine myself pouring this into my head on a hot summer day though.

Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival 2014 takes place on Sunday 25th May 2014 at Bracknell Town Football Club from 1pm. Tickets are on sale priced £5 for adults, with FREE entry to CAMRA and football club members. Buy tickets here.