Binghams Brewery takes 2015 Bracknell Beer Festival title

It was a tight contest separated by three points, but judges Claire Knight, Taj James, Jennie Slevin and Terry Burrows voted Binghams Brewery’s Macchiato Stout as the beer of Bracknell for 2015.

The festival only special from the Twyford based brewery took the title with a score of 32 from a possible 40 marks as judges voted it the best – a point ahead of Loddon Breweries Reading Best and two ahead of Ascot Ale’s Aureole Ale on 30.

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The 2014 winner – 1643 Viscount from Two Cocks Brewery had pride of place this year on its own thrown – it remains to be seen if Macchiato will make a return for 2016 with confirmation needed from Binghams Brewery.

Siren Craft Brew’s Soundwave was the winning beer in 2013.

Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival Champion beer competition top three:

  1. Macchiato Stout – Binghams Brewery (32 points)
  2. Reading Best – Loddon Brewery (31 points)
  3. Aureole Ale – Ascot Ales (30 points)

Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival fastest selling beer competition:

Fastest selling beer: Captain B – Irving & Co. Brewers in Portsmouth. The third time in a row this beer has sold out first.