Mysterious Brewing hosting launch event at Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival 2023

Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival is proud to have been chosen as a launch event for Mysterious Brewing, a new brewery focused towards the Reading and Berkshire beer scene.

Our Festival will be the third of three launch events for the brewery starting on Thursday 25th May at the famous Nags Head in Reading, Saturday 27th May at The Hive in Crowthorne before rolling into Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival on Sunday 28th May 2023.

Ken and Adam, co-founders of the brewery will be working on the bar throughout the afternoon – no doubt they’ll be very visible – so do feel free to come up and chat to them!

Get your tickets for the event here!

Silchester – 12th May 2023 – A new independent craft brewery, Mysterious Brewing, is set to make its mark on the local craft beer scene in Reading and Berkshire. Founded by local beer enthusiasts Ken Barker and Adam Sculthorp, Mysterious Brewing aims to contribute to the already vibrant craft beer culture by offering a range of easy-drinking traditional beers with a modern hop-forward twist.

Ken and Adam of Mysterious Brewing.

Mysterious Brewing takes pride in crafting exceptional beers that showcase the bold and aromatic characteristics of hops. From refreshing IPAs with a hoppy punch to traditional bitters, their diverse line-up promises to delight and captivate. The brewery has exciting plans to introduce stouts, black IPAs, a Kolsch beer, and a special Spruce ESB in the near future, expanding their seasonal offerings and catering to a wider range of tastes.

What sets Mysterious Brewing apart is its commitment to providing beer in a variety of formats. The brewery offers its range in traditional cask, as well as keg formats for bars and bottle shops, as well as canned beers for customers to savour at home. With these options, Mysterious Brewing aims to make its beers widely accessible to cater to every preference.

Mysterious Brewing is excited to announce the launch of its webshop, a convenient platform for customers to browse and order their favourite Mysterious brews. Customers have the option to collect their purchases directly from the brewery or have them conveniently delivered, nationwide. This online expansion not only increases accessibility but also allows customers to enjoy Mysterious Brewing’s craft beers from the comfort of their homes nationwide.

Mysterious Brewing’s philosophy is all about collaboration and a strong sense of community. Ken and Adam, the breweries co-founders, deeply value the support they have received from the local beer community and are eager to give back in return. Recognising the importance of building strong connections, Mysterious Brewing is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with local pubs, breweries, home-brewers and community organisations.

To mark the official launch of Mysterious Brewing, a series of exciting events will take place at the end of May. One of the largest events will be Mysterious Brewing’s participation at Bracknell Beer Festival, Sunday 28th May, where attendees can experience first-hand the exceptional flavours and aromas of their beers. These events provide a unique opportunity for beer enthusiasts to engage with the passionate team behind Mysterious Brewing.

During the launch week, Mysterious Brewing will unveil three original beers that showcase their creativity and craftsmanship. Expect the release of Plan B, a 5.4% American Pale Ale bursting with hoppy goodness; Avalon Pale, an easy-drinking 4% English-style bitter with a delightful balance of flavours; and Red My Mind, a tantalizing 4.5% Red Ale that will captivate the taste buds.

In an exciting collaboration, Berkshire Beer Box, the renowned home delivery beer box service, will include cans of Plan B in its May selection to coincide with the Mysterious Brewing launch week. This collaboration allows beer lovers to conveniently discover and enjoy Mysterious Brewing’s offerings, delivered right to their doorsteps.

Mysterious Brewing is thrilled to join the already vibrant craft beer scene in Reading and Berkshire. With their dedication to producing exceptional hop-forward brews, merging traditional and modern beer styles, and commitment to offering a range of formats, Mysterious Brewing aims to become an integral part of the local craft beer community.

For more information about Mysterious Brewing, their beers, and upcoming events, please visit and sign up to the mailing list on the website:, or contact Adam or Ken directly: Trade enquiries: