The volunteers – Co-founder Michael Keen

As well as profiling the charities we’re supporting this year, highlighting the street food vendors and more, we thought it important to showcase some of the hard-working volunteers behind the scenes.

Organising it all takes time, effort and a great deal of experience, and the team behind Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival have been around a while. Here’s the thoughts of co-founder Michael Keen.

Your name and role in the team: Michael Keen aka Keeno, Co-founder, Co-organiser.

What’s your favourite part of the beer festival? Trying beer whilst catching up with friends, family and all the volunteers, with a live soundtrack!

How long have you been involved? Since the start in 2011.

Favourite local venue? My kitchen for homebrew.

Favourite tipple? All the beer!

Favourite local festival? Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival.

Anything else you’d like to say or promote? Use our Festival to be brave and sample beer or cider you haven’t tried before, or which are seasonal and rarer and better each year! I can’t wait!

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